Theoskepasti Church Overlooking the Caldera from Imerovigli
If you are up for an adventure, then you should definitely visit Theoskepasti Church in Imerovigli. There are of course many other churches to be found throughout the village with Panagia Malteza lying prominent lying prominently among the narrow pathways, but Theoskepasti is a pretty different scenario. Every traveller who is looking for the most distinctive places of each locale to visit should put that on his to-do list. Once you reach the church, you will be compensated for all the trouble and the fatigue that you may have experienced till you get there. If you are charmed by Skaros and the remains of the castle, you will be thrilled to learn more about the church!
Panagia Theoskepasti (as its whole name actually is) has been built on the front side of Skaros Rock. This is what makes it a superb place for enjoying the view and admiring the caldera. You cannot access the church easily, but it is a path worth attempting to complete. The church is white with blue and this is typical of the whole island of Santorini. You will be amazed at the water surrounding the place and you will be fascinated by the detailed architecture of the church. Of course, you will be tempted to take numerous pictures and share this experience of yours with your loved ones, your friends and acquaintances on social media. After all, it is quite an accomplishment to walk and reach the church, so as to relish the view and light up a candle inside the chapel.
These are details that add up to your unique experience of Greek holidays. Spirituality is of great importance in Greece and Santorini reflects the character of Christianity in the most eloquent manner! Explore its churches and get intoxicated by its magnitude!
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