Whitewashed Houses and Steep Cliffs Completing the Scenery
Imerovigli is a fabulous little village located at the highest point of Santorini. If you want to experience something out of the ordinary on your holidays, then this is the optimal place to start. As you will come to realize, tradition is prominent in the way all the houses and the buildings are structured and in the way all the locals spend their time. You will be lost for words, as soon as you get to admire the stunning view to the caldera and the Aegean Sea. White and blue make the ultimate combination of colours in Cyclades and Imerovigli could not be any different.
Explore its uniqueness and fall in love with this lovely observatory of the day, as its name suggests (Imero coming from the Greek word for day and Vigli from the Latin vigilare, meaning observe-watch). Perched on a steep and unfriendly cliff, Imerovigli has got a lot of buildings that are structured in an amphitheatric manner. The architecture is plain and without any unnecessary luxury. Simplicity is the key element, after all. Especially when everything around you is overwhelming and gigantic, this is the best way to contrast and stand out. After the earthquake of 1956, the village was ruined. However, with the continuous efforts of the locals things got better and the new version is an idyllic destination for everyone appreciating originality and pure beauty.
Wander around the narrow pathways and enjoy your stroll in the village. You will discover a lot of hidden treasures, including the churches that can offer a nice break from your walk and the various gardens with the colourful flowers and the invigorating smells. You will love every inch of Imerovigli and therefore you are strongly recommended to choose this village as your basis. There are luxury suites that can offer you amazing friendliness and bespoke services of unparalleled quality!
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