Skaros Rock and Its Emblematic Form in Imerovigli
Santorini is a rich island, as far as history is concerned. Whenever you go, you are going to find some truly magnificent landscapes, along with historic monuments and some legendary stories to be told. The same goes with the picturesque village of Imerovigli, which is where Skaros Rock can be found. You are strongly recommended to pay a visit to this emblematic landform, which is an amazing place to watch the sunset and have a look at the past of the island. If you are intrigued by legends and myths, Skaros Rock is going to delight you.
In the past, up there on the rock there used to be a castle and Christians gathered in there a few centuries back. The myth states that throughout its long lasting history, the castle had never been conquered. No matter how many pirates and enemies wanted to access the fort, there was strong defence and consequently nobody was able to succeed in his goals. However, what the people could not accomplish was finally achieved by the brute force of Nature. To be more particular, the castle was ruined after the legendary earthquake that took place back in 1956 and destroyed a large part of the island. Still, to this day there are ruins that prove the glorious past of the place.
Historically, Skaros used to be the capital of Santorini till about 300 years ago and this is why the castle was of significant importance. To this very day there are people who visit the ruins and get charmed by the awesomeness of the landscapes. It is a wonderful walk from the church of Agios Georgios to the rock and you are suggested to engage in your hiking excursion for discovering the emblematic figure of the whole scenery. It is certainly a sight worth visiting on your vacations!
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