A Glimpse from Up High and Absolutely Marvellous Views
Many travellers prefer Imerovigli to Fira or to any other village within Santorini. Even though it is so closely situated to the capital, Imerovigli can take credit in inspiring tourists from all over the world due to its unique character. Given the fact that it is structured at the highest place of the island, up on a steep cliff, the views that it can offer are unrivalled and the feelings of awe and magnitude are unquestionable. If you are wondering why you should choose Imerovigli yourself, you are more than welcome to gaze through the pictures found on the web and you will know what this is all about.
First of all, Imerovigli is a picturesque village that has nothing to do with the frenzy of Fira. Although it is rather centrally located, it manages to combine tranquillity along with easy access to all the other places of the island. You will be able to enjoy the hiking excursions to Theoskepasti Church and Skaros Rock, while you will also have the chance to explore the mainland and get your hands on some truly cool traditional souvenirs. The food in Imerovigli is astonishing, including some of the tastiest delicacies that you will get to try in Santorini. Just ask for fava beans (creamy split pea) or tomataki (a type of tomato, which is slightly smaller than the usual size, but larger than cherry tomatoes) shredded in salads and you will be lost for words. Schedule your trip to the volcano and indulge in a romantic dinner on board during a romantic sunset cruise.
Imerovigli is a dreamy destination and you will be lucky to book one of the exceptional suites that can be found in the village. There is nothing wrong in spoiling yourself from time to time and this is certainly one of these times when you ought to do just that!
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